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Drafting Excellence has been designing house plans in Washington County for over a decade. We are committed to providing you with the perfect house. Our background in architectural design and civil engineering provides a great platform for balancing the needs of families and home builders with affordable construction. We have worked extensively with the building departments from Ivins to Hurricane, and especially St. George and Washington. This means your blueprints will be accepted by the city quickly with our extensive knowledge of building code compliance. We have also worked with most of the structural engineering firms in Washington County, building a great relationship that can speed the design and engineering process. Our specialty is custom home plans, but we also have plan books for those that want to start building faster and cheaper. From starter homes to estate homes we can provide you with excellent construction drawings. We always have free consultations and quick delivery of your new plans. We can provide residential energy compliance certificates to ensure that your dream home will have minimal energy consumption. We can also assist in interior design. Call today for your free consultation so we can get started on building your perfect home.

Thomas Watkins


Call today to schedule your free consultation.  You can become one of our many happy clients.


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